Patients at an opticians in Birkenhead and Upton have ‘gone to Specsavers’ and stayed there thanks to their new cloud based telephony system.
Specsavers partners Felicity Roberts and James McNeely have worked with North West based tech firm MRD Technologies to transform their old telephone systems to create a clearer way for their customers to book their sight and hearing appointments at their popular opticians.
Felicity and James have, like many businesses, used a standard telephone system – leaving customers unable to leave messages or endure long wait times, or not get through at all.
With 20,000 customers on their database the issue was something impacting business, especially in the wake of the pandemic, said Felicity.
“The pandemic really showed us the importance of reliable and accessible phone lines. Due to the practice being only open for emergency and essential cases it meant we needed to answer all incoming calls. We were totally reliant on the phone, rather than patients coming instore making bookings with the team and with no call answering service, if someone didn’t want to wait they would simply hang-up” she said.
This was in very basic terms affecting the business and of course, more importantly having a negative impact on the care to our customers. Our priority is first and foremost to provide all our patients with the best service that they need,  so sorting this wasn’t an option, it was essential,” added James.
Derek Shannon, Director at award-winning tech firm MRD Technologies, who have clients across the North West, worked with his team to create a solution for the Specsavers team.
“We implemented a cloud based telephony system – which basically sends the call through the internet and allows customers to both leave messages and/or email notes. This has meant that no calls are missed, customer satisfaction has gone up hugely and business isn’t lost.
Derek added: “Something this simple can seem exactly that – simple, but we are grateful to Felicity and James for having the foresight for both their customers and their business, creating a system that handles call volumes effectively and efficiently.”

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