Managed IT Services

We provide our customers with the support services they need to ensure their IT systems work for their business.

IT doesn’t have to be a headache

We provide our clients with the support services they need to ensure their IT systems work for their business. Our customers are generally SMEs who do not have any professional IT expertise within the business. Our aim is to become that “in-house” IT Department, giving our clients the benefit of our many years of experience, and at a significantly lower cost than employing or developing their own IT department.

We provide all the IT services an SME business requires

Outsourced Helpdesk

Available via telephone, email or on-line.

Managed Internet Services

Fast secure connections, FTTC, FTTP, Leased Line or 4G & 5G.

365 and Email services

Essential support and management of all your 365 security and configuration.

Managed Cloud Anti-Virus

Fully Secure Anti-Virus to help fight cyber attacks.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Modern secure and tested backup solutions.

Hosted Servers and Applications

Cloud based computing whenever its needed.

Managed Wi-Fi

Secure Wi-Fi for staff and visitors that works across your site.


Secure incoming and outgoing network traffic across your site.

Content Filtering

Restrict or control the content an Internet user is capable of accessing

Need a helping hand? We can help reduce your IT stress.

Our support is based on a time model. Using our experience with similar businesses and your expectations, we make an initial estimate of the time required per month to manage your network.

Once the initial onboarding is complete and the contract is in the “Business as Usual” state we will review our estimate and adjust the contract to suit your future needs. We don’t push for long-term contracts. We want happy long-term customers therefore we aim to be flexible and offer rolling monthly contracts

IT Support desk

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