A gamer with a passion for rebuilding PC’s has switched unemployment for a new career in tech thanks to the Kick Start Scheme.

Samantha Hammond, 23, from Lostock Graham is the latest employee at MRD Technologies after being granted a place as part of the Kick Start Scheme, the government backed initiative by the UK government to create a number of new 6-month job placements for young people who are currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment.

The job placements are aimed at supporting the participants to develop the skills and experience they need to find permanent work after completing the scheme and MRD Technologies director Mark Ralph said he was ‘delighted’ to have Samantha onboard.

He said: “We started our business a month before the national lockdown – in February 2020. The business has flourished and we have employed three technicians who work alongside our directors to create an IT and telephony support business for small and medium size businesses.

“Samantha not only brings a lot of energy to the business, but some great expertise in IT and her initial admin role gives her a chance to get exposure to the industry and learn as she works.”

Samantha has always had an interest in IT and is an active gamer, playing first person shooter games in her spare time.

At a young age, Samantha switched to PC from console based games and when her PC began to glitch, the innovative young woman took it upon herself to rebuild her PC, using learning from online.

Samantha is now part of the tech savvy team in Northwich and hopes to build on her knowledge and experience to one day become a technician and potentially reach a level where she can provide tech support for MRD’s range of clients, which include Warrington Disability Partnership, Specsavers and Courtyard Homes.

“I’m so grateful to have been given a chance to get into an industry I love,” said Samantha, who had worked in various roles including waitressing and working on a caravan park.

“ I moved back from living in Yorkshire and registered with the jobcentre to get some financial help and to start looking for a role and I heard about the Kick Start scheme which was a chance to get in front of an employer in a role that suits my interests.”

“The Kick Start scheme is a real opportunity for me to show what I can do and learn along the way. When I got a chance to speak to Mark and the team at MRD I felt it was a great fit and a couple of months in and it’s been great. I don’t want it just to last 6 months – this is my career for life now!”

To learn more about MRD Technologies go to mrdtechnologies.co.uk and to learn more about the Kick Starter scheme go to kickstartgateway.co.uk.