Supporting Charities

We are proud to work with a wide range of charity partners.

How we help!

MRD Technologies is committed to supporting local charities by providing robust IT support and enhancing their communication capabilities. Our support extends to a wide array of services, including maintaining and managing computer systems, ensuring secure and reliable network setups, and assisting with troubleshooting IT-related issues. Recognising the importance of connectivity, MRD Technologies also facilitates local charities by equipping them with modern phone and mobile systems, tailored to meet the demands of non-profit operations. Furthermore, we offer assistance in establishing high-speed internet connections that are essential for today’s digital landscape. We help optimise daily operations to allow charities to focus on their core mission without being hindered by technological constraints. This multifaceted support reflects MRD Technologies dedication to strengthening community-based charity initiatives through the power of technology.

Charities We Work With

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