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The Background

Rigby Financial are a family run General Insurance Brokerage and Independent Financial Advisors that was established in 1980. They believe that the success of the business has been down to the service they have provided over the years and having been being able to provide purely independent advice, supporting their clients throughout the life of the insurance policy. Should they ever have a query that needed answering or assistance when submitting claims, they are there to help.

The Company aims to deliver the best deal for customers in terms of cover and competitive premiums, using the benefit of their product knowledge and our understanding of the insurance market. Being available whenever a client needs them is a key part to their success.

The Challenge

Rigby Financial were struggling with an old on-premises Panasonic phone system. Whilst the system could manage the day-to-day incoming calls and provided a traditional receptionist role for calls to be distributed, its limitations were brought home during the COVID-19 Lockdown. There was a need for greater flexibility, the ability to manage incoming calls smoothly and efficiently, even when working from home was now essential.

As a financial services business call recording is essential for FCA compliance, and simply forwarding calls to mobiles was not good enough, even during the pandemic.

In addition, a move away from traditional ISDN telephony to internet-based SIP would reduce the monthly cast of calls and line rentals.

Modern features such as voice mail to email, desktop softphones as well as new handsets were all things that the business needed.

Phone Headset

The Solution

The existing main telephone numbers were ported in from the ISDN network, and a range of direct dial numbers were added so that all staff had a direct dial number. New handsets were provided, and all users added to the system. Call routes were developed as well as hunt groups for each department so that calls could more efficiently be routed.

Users were also provided with a desktop softphone and headset so that if necessary, calls could be answered remotely using a laptop when working away from the office or home working.

Additionally, key staff were provided with a mobile App which further enhanced the flexibility and allowed calls to be answered anywhere should it be necessary. Even using the mobile App calls remain within the phone system and can be transferred or put-on hold as if in the office. This also provide the business with a greater degree of disaster recovery, in the event of a problem at the office, essential calls could still be handled.

As all calls remained within the hosted platform, call recording continued even for those answered on the mobile phones thus ensuring the necessary compliance with FCA regulations. By regularly downloading the call recordings they can be stored safely and securely in the cloud for as long as required.

The Result

Rigby Financials now have a fully modern and flexible phone system. It provides the full compliance with FCA regulations that they require as well as many other benefits.

The system provides essential business continuity, and as happened recently, even when a major IT failure disrupted the office, telephone calls could still be handled efficiently and professionally.

And equally important in todays business climate, costs have been reduced, while service has improved.

The Reference

“It had been in our minds that we needed to update the Panansonic system and for one reason or another never manged to get around to it. Lockdown suddenly focused our minds that the current Panasonic System that had served so well over the years was now unable to adapt to the current situation of homeworking due to the pandemic. It seemed that although our IT systems could adapt to the changing environment the telephone system couldn’t , this highlighted a weakness in the day to day operations of the business.

MRD understood our needs and quickly recommended a solution to meets our needs now but also for the future. Installation was efficient and the business was able to to cope with subsequent lockdowns and home working of the staff in a way that wouldn’t have been possible pre Covid.

In hindsight we wish we had made the decision to upgrade sooner”

Simon RigbyRigby Financial


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