About Us

MRD Technologies were formed with the aim of providing its SME clients with the professional IT and technology support and guidance that large enterprises take for granted. Having worked in the SME marketplace for years and seen lots of IT providers and telecoms companies always aiming for the “biggest” companies while neglecting the average clients, we decided that we must be able to provide a better approach. 

Partnering with industry leading organisations to ensure we have the right tools to deliver what we believe is needed, we feel that the key is service along with business experience. Understanding why a client should migrate to a particular solution, or what the benefit to the business is in a particular project, means that we can advise what’s right, rather than promoting the latest “thing” because it might be good for us. 

Our ambition is to have all our customers being happy to provide us with a reference or refer us to their customers and suppliers. We try to provide the most flexible contract terms rather than tie a customer to long term commitments and then neglect them. 

Always being aware that a customer can move to a new provider or partner ensures we focus on what we deliver. 

Quite literally, we don’t want unhappy customers, it’s no good for you and it’s no good for us.

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